Veggie Dip

While it's not really my own recipe I wanted to recommend the recipe from Kill the Gluten for Veggie Dip. It worked out really well for us for the super bowl party we had. I did leave out the Green Onions and the Water Chestnuts.

For my contribution... I recommend the following to serve with the dip:

Two, yes two bunches of celery washed and cut into three inch chunks. Don't be afraid of the small yellow parts. They are light and crunchy, without some of the toughness the more mature parts of the bunch have. We had a dozen or so people and we really did almost go through two bunches.

A pack of tri-color peppers. The ones with one red, yellow and orange pepper. Cut into strips. This is more for presentation. I don't think anyone actually act them but it looked pretty AND you can freeze the strips for later cooking when you need them. (I made a nice batch of sausage peppers and onions with these left overs that I'll post the recipe for later)

Baby carrots. Can't go wrong here... Our grocery store has little bags of carrots pre-cleaned for kids lunches. Two of those little bags would have been probably the right amount, unless you know you have some carrot lovers. We got a "big" bag of baby carrots and it was too much.

Cherry tomatoes. We served these and... well... not so much... While they do taste good they don't have "edges" to scrape up dip and its a serving disaster.

Mushrooms. I recommend the pre-cleaned boxes you can get in the veggie section. Halve the big ones and leave the small ones alone. I love mushrooms myself and I'm willing to bet you'll have at least one closet fungi lover.

You could probably also serve with cauliflower or broccoli florets and you might have some luck with good crisp lettuce relations like Endive or something else that has some heft to it... Or serve the dip in half an endive or a scooped out artichoke or something creative like that.