Almost There

I guess technically since I'm posting after midnight it IS a "full month" of posting to my Blog but we all know that this is the post for the 30th so I've got one more to go. I must say that I'm surprised.

First, gosh darnit, I'm surprised it's almost February. It all seems to be going so fast these days. Not to make it go any faster but at this pace I'll blink and it will be the end of the year again...

Second, I'm surprised that I haven't missed a post yet. 1/12th of the way there. My theory is that if I can make it a solid year of posting, then I'll have started to develop a more solidified style of writing and a habit of posting and will probably be a little more likely to actually continue through in general. At this point I feel like I'm still in the Gosh I'm Actually Posting phase.

I guess it helped that I set out ground rules right at the beginning that it didn't count as the next day until I went to bed. I'm not exactly a "daylight" person.

I'm still not sure what I want to get out of this though. There are several things it COULD be: a random musings column, a diary or journal or sorts, a general venting about things that annoy me or any combination of the above.

I'll end on this... (no irony intended) I've heard it said that if you want to be a writer you need to start writing.