Rush Job

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So tonight I'm cutting it a little close to midnight. I know I said that I would consider it still "the same day" if I hadn't gone to bed yet. This is taking into consideration my night owl nature but I think so far I've posted during the same calendar day. Well I know I've at least started each that day...

So you might notice that I'm wearing my Disney Sweatshirt again and the truth is, at least when it's cold out, I tend to alternate between this sweatshirt and the ROCK sweatshirt I'm wearing in my first post. You'll probably see a lot of them. I will say this, when buying Disney it might be expensive but it tends to be about as high quality as I've seen. I've worn the Grumpy sweatshirt for every day in several months in a row for the better part of a year and other than a few threads coming loose in Grumpy's foot (which is where the material bends... just naturally) it's as nice as the day I bought it.

Well I have to get up early tomorrow to take Harry to the airport so he can fly to Annaheim, CA for the AFCA (American Football Coaches Association) Convention. He'll be at the convention till Tuesday and then I get to pick him up at 1am-ish Wednesday morning. Fun...

As a side note... I keep fumbling for a "sign off". My first instinct is "Night" or "Good Night" but I know that it's probably only night for me... and you, my dear reader, could be reading this any time, any day, any year, etc. Anything else seems... Contrived? If there are any readers out there yet perhaps you could leave a comment with a suggestion? I think I'll just go with the flow though and just use whatever comes naturally.

Night all!