Prep Work

So we started preparing for the Super Bowl party tomorrow. Blech. Although I must say that I much prefer prep work to clean up.

So far I've cut up the vegetables for the veggie platter, mixed the veggie dip, baked both brownies and a pumpkin cheesecake pie. We've cleaned the house top to almost bottom. Tomorrow Harry's going to clean the basement while I do the Pulled Pork, the Chili and the Taco Meat. We're also flying by the seat of our pants with regards to the Chebe Taco Salad bowls.

It is fun... Really it is... but it's a lot of work.

On the subject of the Super Bowl... thinking ahead... I wonder what they will do when they get to Super Bowl 50. Will they do 'Super Bowl L' or 'Super Bowl XXXXX' or 'Super Bowl 5X' or something else? I mean the first one is technically correct... but somehow it lacks a certain marketing spin.

I just realized something else odd... you know I'm not even sure who's playing in the Super Bowl tomorrow... Is that a bad thing?