Disaffected or Deranged

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So I was tired and leaned up against the wall just as the timer on the camera went off. I suppose I could have reshot it but I've been trying to use the first shot. It's not a rule but... I guess... more of a tradition?

In hindsight I think I look like crap. Nothing against Harry but I've been up like every two hours helping him with something or getting him meds or whatever. He is doing a lot better today but is still having pain issues. Hopefully tomorrow he'll just be achy instead of hurting.

And you know what... last gripe tonight... I'm hungry darn it! But its way too late to actually make anything of substance not to mention the fact that I've eaten my allotment of carb choices today. If I haven't mentioned I'm diabetic and I'm supposed to watch my carb intake so my blood sugar doesn't spike too much. We don't really have any compact snacks out there either. Mphm... grumble...