Geeky Photos

I think I'm going to try dropping the photo that I upload. On one hand it lends a certain me-ness to the blog it's basically the same picture every night. So I think I'll drop back to weekly and see how it goes. My other concern is that I've been taking the photos kind of as a "last minute" "before I go to bed" thing which I'm afraid has led to a "I'm dozing off now" approach to my writing and I'm hoping that I can change that. Without the photo I hope I can toss off some text earlier in the evening and maybe get some longer posts.

Also... I was reminded tonight just how much of a geek I am... We were watching Modern Marvels (a show about random stuff) and tonight's episode was about Acids. It reminded me of a poem I memorized in High School chemistry about acids. Which I shall recite for you now.

Johnny was a chemist,
but Johnny is no more.
What he thought was H2O
was H2SO4.

In non-chemistry speak. Johnny forgot to check if the clear, liquid in front of him was water or sulphuric acid. Thus causing himself much harm.