Catching Up

I have a bad habit of falling behind on episodic TV. So what I'll generally do is fall behind... rent the DVD... rip it to watch later and then fall further behind. Ah well... through the wonders of Technology I've fallen behind on...

  • Lost (I'm halfway through Season 2)
  • Heroes (watched one or two episodes)
  • Jericho (watched about half of the first season)
  • Sarah Jane Chronicles (A spin off of the new Doctor Who)
  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (I have about 4-5 episodes left)
  • Journeyman (We watched the first two episodes and got stuck there)
  • The Original Doctor Who (Got 20 years to catch up on roughly)

And finally... Oz. BUT here I am making progress... we're finally watching the last episodes of the last season. Probably be done by Friday. We are down to less than two DVDs to go.

Maybe later I'll talk about the OTHER stuff I've fallen behind on like Podcasts, Audiobooks, "Real" books... etc...