Home is Where the Heart Is

One of the things I really love about where I live now is that while we are close enough to the "big city" that we have a lot (but not all) of the modern amenities a geek could want we are still far enough out from the "big city" that you get peace and calm of rural living. We do have broadband, and we do get HD on our TV (the latter albeit through satellite). On the other hand, we live in a log cabin on a private road that has a covered bridge and our next door neighbor is a horse farm. We also have trees and critters and so on.

I think one of my favorite things about where we live is the clear night sky. The only place I've seen a clearer sky was in the deserts of Nevada. There is nothing quite like sitting in the hot tub on the deck with a few good friends, some drinks and cold clear crisp night sky. No wind... but a gentle breeze to cool you when you get a touch too warm... Ah...

Tonight there was a full lunar eclipse. It was beautiful. At least the one quarter I saw was. The moon was a deep orange red with a black blemish on the left side. Unfortunately when I went back out 15 minutes later to see the full eclipse I couldn't see anything because a cloud cover had blown over. Ah well.

P.S. The title of this post is a song by Peter, Paul and Mary that I first heard performed by Sally Fingerett on the Four Bitchin' Babes album "Buy Me, Bring Me, Take Me, Don't Mess My Hair, Life According to Four Bitchin' Babes Volume I". I highly recommend it.