Oscar Trivia and Tidbits

I'm sure just about everyone else is going to comment on the Academy Awards... so I might as well too.

I think the thing that amuses me the most about the Oscars is that during the awards most of the movies are ones that I have NEVER heard of and then a few that everyone has heard of. Where do they come up with some of these?

The other thing that amuses me is how much the current crop of movies seems more to stir up tidbits and trivia about the old winners like who won the most awards (Walt Disney, nominated for 64, won 22), who's won all four of the major awards (an Oscar, an Emmy, a Tony and a Grammy), people that won a given category and so on. Or our personal interactions with the Oscar winners. For example, seeing the montage of movies that won Best Picture reminded me of the time we were watching The Silence of the Lambs in college. It was late on a weekend, and probably a dozen of us were watching the movie in Missy and Jaime's dorm room. We had all the lights turned out, it got to some suitably scary part in the movie when all of a sudden Jaime slammed open the door almost as hard as she could (angry about something... I want to say her boyfriend) and we all jumped at least a foot.

I guess really that's what movies are about: our reaction to them, interaction with them, impression of them, etc...