No more Mister nice Guy

So I think what I was worried about has happened. I was afraid that once I "broke the chain" of posting every day that I would be more inclined to skip postings. It seems lately like posting is an after thought. I'm going to try and be more diligent and we'll see what happens.

I keep saying that I feel like I can only post trite things. I think I'm going to skip some of my worries and just post.

So lately I've been stressing about work and I think I'll vent about that for a bit. The problem is that basically we're understaffed. It's not that we can't handle it but we're always in catch up mode. We can't ever seem to get ahead. I've got one project where I'm updating all of our customers to support a new authentication method and while I'm taking a slightly longer way of doing it, when I'm done every customer we have will be completely current it was a choice between that and getting work orders done. I've been working at home to some degree but then my brain fries over and I just can't keep going. We have posted ads in the newspaper and gone to job fairs at the local tech school but we just can't seem to find anyone. The one prospect we had, came in, sat with me all day and then sent us in something about being offered a better job. I'm not sure whether to believe that or to think that we somehow overwhelmed her.

At the same time I fear getting someone, because I worry that our coding / project management methods will be different OR if its someone new that doesn't have their own habits I worry that they won't be useful.

Well enough venting for one night.