I'm not dead yet! I don't want to go in the cart!

I kinda suspected this would happen. I would "break" the chain of posting every day, and then much like a top I'd wobble a bit and get more and more erratic until I just stopped.

On the other hand, is more of less better or is less of more better?

So anyways... here's my dilemma and maybe someone out there has some suggestions.

Harry and I will be celebrating our Tenth Anniversary this April. The exact date escapes me... (which is why I'm still pushing for the "third weekend in April" since we met on a weekend, celebrated our fifth anniversary on a weekend, etc).

For our fifth anniversary, I picked him up for "lunch" on a Friday, gave him a card and whisked him away for a weekend. Everyone but him was in on the deal, I'd called his boss and asked for the afternoon off. All our friends were advised to be "Oh, we're busy... So sorry." and generally unavailable.

I'd like to pull something over on him again. I'm considering a few things... I'd REALLY love to fly us out to Disneyland since we've never been there * but that is also REALLY expensive (close to $800 a person JUST for airfare, before airport to hotel transportation, hotel costs, park tickets, etc)

On the other hand, train tickets into New York City would be about $260 dollars for both of us (Amtrak has a companion fare thing) which is MUCH better. Then I started looking and found out that hotels in NYC are $200-300 a night... And Broadway shows run $100 a ticket... That said... NYC has several highly rated Gluten Free restaurants.

So I'm not really sure what to do and if anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate them. I'll probably stay local and simple... but 10 years seems so... in need of a celebration somehow.

[*] Technically he was there, but it was for a convention and didn't have time to go into the park. Technically I think I was there as a child when we were there on our way to or from Japan for one of my dad's naval deployments but I would have been 6 months old if we went on the way there, and about 3 if we went on the way back so IF I went I definitely don't remember it. I think both cases count as "never been there".