People these days...

So I had an odd experience today... I thought it would make a nice short blog post to try and get back into some blogging.

After work Harry and I decided to pick up a few odds and ends at the grocery store. It was moderately busy. Not crazy busy mind you but it was busy enough that the bagger guy was bagging in another lane. No biggie... I bagged our stuff. Three bags. Again... no biggie. My theory is that it gets us all home quicker. As she was handing us our receipt she said "Thanks for bagging your stuff" and had an oddly earnest look on her face.

So now I can't decide... Does the grocery chain require them to thank you when you bag your stuff OR do so few people bother either out of laziness or some sense of entitlement that she really was thankful?

I also can't decide which scenario bothers me more or why.