Comments on Parenting from a Non-Parent

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On Brussels Sprouts...

I've recently decided that Brussels Sprouts are not bad in and of themselves just the weird icky evil things my parents used to make us eat.

While I'm at it... the same can be said for Spinach.

On Coraline (the movie)...

  1. Excellent movie. Visually appealing.
  2. This is not a movie for younger kids.
  3. The fourth or fifth time (at the latest) that your kid screams "Daddy, I'm scared. I want to leave" you should probably consider leaving.

To briefly expand on the Coraline points... The movie is rated PG and there is nothing in it that any teenager or adult couldn't handle. That said it is more Grimm's Fairy Tales than Disney's. It is a more than a touch dark at times. I highly recommend it to anyone that enjoyed The Nightmare Before Christmas or The Corpse Bride but THIS kid was obviously too young...