No more Mister nice Guy

So I think what I was worried about has happened. I was afraid that once I "broke the chain" of posting every day that I would be more inclined to skip postings. It seems lately like posting is an after thought. I'm going to try and be more diligent and we'll see what happens.


Nothing to see here... move along...

No post tonight. I'm rebuilding my laptop.

Woo Hoo!

So I finally got my Zaurus up and running again. Now that it's back to a known OpenZaurus configuration I might be brave and look at other distros for it again. I'd really like something that is being actively maintained so that I can get updates for it and make it do new and wonderful things.

Oscar Trivia and Tidbits

I'm sure just about everyone else is going to comment on the Academy Awards... so I might as well too.


A Multiplicity of Devices

Yes... I know I'm a geek. I get this. I know I have a "few" devices around the house. But why does it have to be so difficult to get the same music on multiple places?



I love my boys... really I do... but come on... enough is enough.


Rescheduled Waking

For those that are wondering I am rescheduled for DC. I'm going to be headed down Saturday the 1st and returning the 3rd. My dad has his procedure to remove his kidney stone the 3rd. My Uncle Drake (my Dad's brother) will be taking the "Monday on" shift.

Now... Since I just woke up after having dozed off in front of the TV... I'm off to bed.

Home is Where the Heart Is

One of the things I really love about where I live now is that while we are close enough to the "big city" that we have a lot (but not all) of the modern amenities a geek could want we are still far enough out from the "big city" that you get peace and calm of rural living. We do have broadband, and we do get HD on our TV (the latter albeit through satellite). On the other hand, we live in a log cabin on a private road that has a covered bridge and our next door neighbor is a horse farm. We also have trees and critters and so on.


51 Posts, 49 Days

Well I missed my first post. Last night I fell asleep fairly early, for me anyways, and obviously I didn't wake up like I have in the past. I'm less disappointed than I thought I would be but I think that's because I have been doing so much better than I expected. Especially when you factor in my posts to Harry's blog.


Drawing a blank

I've heard it said that the one true cure for writers block is to write. It sounds counter intuitive but the act of getting even nonsense out of the way sometimes helps open the flood gates and then it comes pouring out.