The best laid schemes...

As the oft quoted Robert Burns said "The best-laid schemes 'o mice an' men Gang aft agley"...

Suffice to say it looks like our plans of mobile world domination will have to wait a bit. We do still plan to hit the road at some point but right now we're not ready. I mean really... who would have thought it would be so difficult to get rid of two-thirds of your earthly possessions and buy a house on wheels all while running your own business and going to school?

So feeling a might wee and tim'rous we're deferring mobility and moving into a Loft (apartment, not condo) in Uptown Pittsburgh. We're very happy with the building and management and, so far at least, can't speak highly enough of them. (Especially compared to our current landlord of which we shall speak no more.)

Anyone interested in more details can look up the project, which renovated the historic Fifth Avenue School, at their web site at Their Facebook page is linked from there and has pictures of similar units to ours.

So here's looking forward to moving... yay... If for some reason you don't get our updated contact info (which probably means we don't have yours) just drop me an email at matt@ this domain.