I blame iTunes

So yesterday I mentioned I might be late since I was going to a concert, which was fabulous by the way, and late I am indeed.

Before I left on my drive to Schenectady I sunk (sank? synched?) my iPod Nano. This generally includes doing a single sync, then going in to the Podcast section and deleting anything I've finished with and resynching one more time to clear out the cruft.

When I deleted one or two tracks I noticed that iTunes didn't ask me about deleting the file. Now I keep my iTunes library on our File Server, and when it doesn't ask to delete the file that means that iTunes has YET AGAIN forgotten where the iTunes library is because it couldn't see the network drive for some critical second and reset the path all by itself. When this happens new music and podcasts don't get downloaded to the file server. So I go back in and reset the location.

At this point iTunes asks 'Should I clean up the library' and it fixes the library.xml (or whatever its called). This takes a good hour or two. THEN it asks 'should I organize the files?' This takes another hour or two. I ran the first half while I was at the concert. The second half I started when I got home... at 1:30am... Forgetting it takes so bloody long.

Since I was waiting for that to finish before I could sync my camera to get "Today's Photo".... I blame iTunes for this late posting.

Tonight I'll post about the concert.

Have a great day while you wait... :)