Random Snippet Requests

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Tonight some random thoughts... they are internally connected in my head but I won't go into to much detail on why.

A couple of years ago I got a Zaurus C3100. I love it conceptually. It's a Linux based palm top computer. By memory, it's probably a half inch wider than most smart phones and maybe half again as thick. For all intents and purposes it's a tiny laptop. I'm really trying to get back into using it for more than just an Internet tablet (something it excels at though). Tonight I'm going to install Angstrom on it. Should be interesting.

I mentioned yesterday that I have added myself to Harry's Blog as a contributor and plan to be a little more active in adding recipes to it than he has. If any one is wondering I'll probably be adding our recipes for home made ravioli with various fillings (shrimp, sausage and cheese at least). I might also post my recipe for a Zingers snack cake replacement.

On a similar vein Harry has been drooling over the Olive Garden commercials for their Chicken Rollatini. It looks like Lasagna noodles wrapped around a cheese mixture which is baked (almost like stuffed shells) and then served with a tomato alfredo sauce with diced chicken. Does anyone out there have a recipe or a better description of the content?