You ever have one of those days where you just WANT to be grumpy. You are just revelling in being pissy and cranky and upset. That's kinda how I'm feeling right now.

With regards to the Zaurus, Angstrom seems to not quite be ready for prime time and just doesn't "feel" so I feel like I wasted that time. So now I'm back to square one there.

Our Mac Mini seems to have slowed down since we put Leopard Server on it. Not to be surprised but it's still grump making. At the same time I can't find a good DNLA server for it... I'd like to be able to stream our iTunes library to our Satellite receiver. (Which it SHOULD be capable of)

On a similar vein I was missing some music from my iTunes library so I exported all the MP3s from my Zen Jukebox and imported them into iTunes... I drastically underestimated the amount of duplicates that would create...

I haven't had time to finish up any number of a dozen projects I've been trying to find time to work on.

Work has been so over the top slammed we are so oversold right now and to top it all off, the new programmer we hired quit after the first day. Sigh... I'm just really annoyed and pissy right now.

But hey... I'm caught up on email and I've been managing to post something here every day... so it isn't all bad but I think I'll still revel in the grump.