Open and Shut

I think I figured out some of the "problem" I have with coming up with Blogging topics. In a nutshell, its the line between public and private. Some things that might be interesting to write about might offend or hurt people I know OR might simply be embarrassing.

Oddly, this post could very well be such a post since someone might imagine that I mean THEM...

But I don't mean big things... I mean little stuff like someone at work pissed me off, or someone at home annoyed me, or that I thought something bad about someone and it embarrasses me to admit it. On one hand it might be nice to vent, which to a degree, putting it on "paper" is doing. At the same time blogging is an oddly public medium since anyone COULD read it. Including, or perhaps especially, the person or people I'm talking about.

I was trying to think about a solution and it occurred to me that Blogger allows you to make a blog invite only... But there is something "attention whore" about this blog (and I assume the same goes for just about everyone that blogs). I kinda want people to pay attention to it. So in general that's out. I know other blog systems allow you to make a single post "friends only" or something like that. The problem with that method is that you assume you want your friends to know the secrets and maybe for a private in circle communications it works but what if they are the one person that, gosh darn it, you are frustrated with.

So I guess, for now at least, it's like it's like being on stage nude for the first time with an audience. It takes some getting used to but with time and practice you get used to baring it all. I guess we'll see how comfortable I get.