Welcome Home

So we're in the midst of our annual trip to Disney. Yay! For those of you that don't know Harry has Celiac Disease (which, to shorthand, is an allergy to Gluten a protein found in Wheat, Oats, Barley and Rye). Disney excels at "Creating a Magical Experience" and is one of the few places, if any, where you can go up to virtually every food stand or restaurant and get food tailored to your allergies.

Because Disney is one of the only places we trust. We foresee that we will probably be spending most of our annual vacations on a Disney property somewhere. When we did the math we decided to spring for Disney Vacation Club (their time share). Basically it worked out that for the 10 years of our mortgage we pay slightly more than we would for the kind of vacation we would take anyways. Then we have ownership for 50 years. There are of course other concerns but we decided that this was the best way to go.

The posting title refers to DVC. As soon as we drove up to the resort and told the attendant at the gate we were checking in, he found our reservation, gave us our parking pass and said "Welcome Home". All in all, they've been very welcoming and "magical".

So here's a picture to get started with.