Shower Thoughts: Extra Socializing the Anti-Introversion

In my journey towards self-improvement I've pondered my own introversion and while I'm not sure where I'll end up I think part of my confusion is the same kind of confusion everyone has about Introversion vs Extroversion. I considered myself an Introvert but I liked being around people... just not a whole lot of them. But everyone knows if you like people then that means you are an extrovert? Right?

Well, in the shower this morning, I think I figured it out. Socialization and Intro/Extro version are really two axis on one grid. Think of the 9 square alignment grid from DND.

Introvert Bookworm ?2? ?3?
Ambivert ?4? Enlightened ?5?
Extrovert Attention Whore ?6? ?7?

?1? - I'm not sure there's a word for halfway between Anti-Social and Social

?2?, ?4?, ?5?, and ?6? - Don't really need names for these... obviously(?) half way between. These might be mode-shifters though. Consider ?2? as an example. Maybe this person goes out and has fun with people to source their recharge BUT then they need to be alone to process the energy into a usable format.

Bookworm - This is what most people think of as a classical Introvert. They just want to be left alone to do their own thing.

?3? - Housewife? This is a clearly sexist label but I was thinking of that person that stays at home and enjoys entertaining folks in a safe place. Someone that thrives in small to very small groups of close friends. 

Attention Whore - These folks don't want to deal with actual people BUT they CRAVE attention.

?7? - This is what most of us think of as a classical Extrovert. The life of the party at every party. Will talk to anyone and thrives on it. I'd like a catchier name than "classic extrovert".

Enlightened - I think this is my goal. This is someone who can appreciate people when they have them or contemplate in silence when they don't. They can adapt to the situation at hand. A quiet chat with someone is just as valuable as a wild party. Everything in moderation including moderation is the way.

Now Enlightenment is my goal, so obviously I gave it the best name. In reality, I suppose if no-one is getting hurt it doesn't matter what you do. Mislabeling yourself could be a problem and end up hurting yourself so I do include that as self-harm.

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