Giving some Zs

I'm a night owl. I don't mind staying up late. You might have noticed that I stay up very late.


No Longer Standing By

So I'm home now. My flight to DC was less than successful. Partially it was my fault


Less Than Lucky

No luck with Southwest. I missed my flight by like five minutes. I'm on standby for the 6:30. I'm glad I'm in my hometown.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Or to put it another way... Southwest, MARC and Beth's Car. (Beth is my sister...)


A Test Posting

So I'm going to be going to DC this weekend to visit the family. I will PROBABLY have net access but I'm making sure that I could at least use my cell phone to post something.

Catching Up

I have a bad habit of falling behind on episodic TV.


So much for that idea...

I guess removing the photo isn't helping as much towards the goal of earlier more lucid posts.

Tomorrow I'm going to try and post the GF Meatloaf recipe I made last week.

Geeky Photos

I think I'm going to try dropping the photo that I upload. On one hand it lends a certain me-ness to the blog it's basically the same picture every night.


Going through the motions

Yeah so tonight I'm kinda just going through the motions.


Disaffected or Deranged

So I was tired and leaned up against the wall just as the timer on the camera went off. I suppose I could have reshot it but I've been trying to use the first shot. It's not a rule but... I guess... more of a tradition?