The New Look

A web page is almost always a work in progress. Suffice it to say that I've progressed one more time. I've installed Joomla and I've started playing with that. Overall I have to say I'm impressed. Not really sure what I'm going to do in the long run but for now...

This site is intended as an externalization of some of the stuff that floats around in my head. Almost an off-line storage for my brain. But by no means is it intended to be a complete representation. I am absolutly amused, amazed and fascinated by the way we store, use, process, recycle, link, reformat, think about, and so on, knowledge and information in all it's many formats. If I had to pick a theme for this site it would be simply "Stuff about the way people think". Please take some time to look around the site as I've included things that I consider to be thought provoking in one way or another. Thought provoking is used loosely here, I could mean "Enjoyable", "Funny", "Tear Jerking", "Deep Thoughts", "Educational", "Inspirational" or any one of a dozen other buzzwords. In other words, this is all stuff that interests me in in some way.

As we all know the web is in constant flux, so another goal is to host a document on my site to avoid "losing" it. I will always list attribution information when I have it. In addition, when possible I have included a link to the original source (If I know where it "lives"). This is intended as a sort of electronic three ring binder with articles clipped from various "magazines". In other words, authors please understand my intention is to give you all the credit you so richly deserve but still make sure I don't lose the material.