Good Sci-Fi on TV Again

For those that like Sci-Fi I have to recommend Torchwood and the new Doctor Who. The new season of Torchwood started tonight and it looks like it might be an interesting season.

We've also been watching episodes of the original Doctor Who from the beginning. Some of those older episodes are so campy and over the top. But then you have to admire their staying power. The first episodes of Doctor Who aired in 1963. And in my book, any series with over 45 years of history is not to be trifled with. According to Wikipedia (all knowing font of wisdom...) they have 738 individual episodes and two movies and if you combine the episode parts you end up with 192 story lines. This apparently sets a few records.

Torchwood is a spin off of the new Doctor Who revival and it also is fun. In a sort of X-Files meets CSI kind of way. The Sara Jane Chronicles (not aired in the US as far as I can tell) was fun too but geared more towards kids and so didn't have some of the "adult themes" that were present in Torchwood, and to a lesser extent Doctor Who. And I don't mean "adult" as in XXX rated I simply mean things like Gwen falling for Owen or Jack even though she has a fiance at home.

Now if only DirecTV was carrying BBC America HD...