Roydhouse 360s

The Roydhouse

The cabin we lived in was called The Roydhouse after its builder. There were a total of five houses on Doe Rd. Google Maps has apparently updated their images since we moved out but the big one in the middle with the four trucks in the driveway was ours. The white roofed building at roughly one o'clock was a barn not a house so I'm not counting that. Continuing past one o'clock to follow the road you'll see our bridge which even has its very own Wikipedia Page!

To view the 360s below you will need silverlight installed. Sorry!

Snowpocalypse 2011

This was our front yard during the snowpocalypse of 2011. The part of the house behind, and to the right, of the truck is our office and the garage. To the left is the main living space. We had a total of 5 acres and about 3,200 sq ft in the house with an additional 1,900 sq ft of deck. As you look at the truck, to the left was the main road and to the right was further up Doe Rd. In the winter the covered bridge was important to building up speed (no snow) to get up the hill when coming off the main highway.

The Front Yard

In less snowy times you can make out more features. If you look to the right where the fork in the road is you might just be able to make out the house at the end (left fork) and the apartments (right fork). Just beyond the green barn to the left you can just see the roof of the fifth and final house on Doe Rd.

The Kitchen

When you enter the door at the center of the house, between the two wings, if you turn left out of the entry way you'll go into the living quarters and end up in the kitchen. This is from before we redid the counters in an attempt to sell the house. If you had gone right, through the denim curtain you would be in our office space. The wall on the left side of the kitchen backs the stairs. You can just make out the inside of our pantry on the other side of the wall from our big white freezer. The door next to the oven and microwave goes back into the Master Suite. The remaining opening to the left goes into the living room. It is hard to see but to the left of the black fridge and to the right of the oven is a double window that looks out onto the deck.

Living Room

Within an hour of moving and letting the cats out to roam Bennie had jumped from a box onto the stove insert, up to the mantle and from there to the rafters. He loved it up there. This is only a 3/4 round because the room was to tight to stitch together a full 360. You can see some distortion on the one door you can see (which leads to the basement). If you look up you can see the balcony that is the library.

The Library

This is actually the second stitch of the Library. We realized that you could read the book titles and some of the titles weren't really fit for public consumption. As it is we missed "Sex for Dummies". For a while we used this as our master bedroom. When Bennie caught the bat and we had to quarantine the boys because of possible rabies we moved downstairs so they could still stay with us but would be lock-in-able. Down the hall is another small bedroom.

The Deck

If you swing to the right of the fire pit you can see our hot tub and behind that our office and garage. Then continuing clockwise you see the notch for the entryway and the double windows looking into the kitchen. The porch off the deck "belongs to" the master suite. The first window and the door look into a small hallway that connected the kitchen, the master bath and the master bedroom. The other two windows looked into the master bedroom.

The Office

This is where Thimbleweed Consulting lived. Yes... Harry and I spent all of our work day THAT close together. The denim curtain was to keep in the AC. Log cabins don't really have duct work so we rolled a behemoth portable into the office during the day and into the bedroom at night. In the winter we kept the heat in the office a touch higher than the rest of the house. You can also see one of the two bars in our cabin. The other was in the basement. Unfortunately the photo stitch of the basement failed. The basement ran under the living room. kitchen and master suite but not under the office. Part of that was a mechanical room so the usable space was basically T shaped. That T shape didn't stitch no matter how we tried.