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The Cucumber Sage Written by Unknown 2724
10 Immutable Laws of Security Written by Microsoft TechNet 3509
Epigrams on Programming Written by Alan J. Perlis, Yale University 3430
The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity Written by Carlo M. Cipolla, Professor of Economics, UC Berkeley 3179
Sparks Flew Written by David Bodanis 3529
Mystery cat takes regular bus to the shops Written by Associated Newspapers 2933
Top 100 Books Written by NEA 2983
Airport Codes: The ABC's A History and Explanation Written by Dave English 3817
75 Year Old Woman Remembers Jewel Thief Days Written by Angie Wagner, AP Writer 3379
The 1984 Commercial Written by Owen Linzmayer 3685
Hackers are all Bastards now Written by Kelly Martin, SecurityFocus 3321