Space Pirates

Yeah... so... late hmm... My bad. I was having fun playing Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. I'm getting close to the end and I must say that I am enjoying the game very much. It was one of my christmas presents and it's been fun.

Now I know people that have "grown up" on Metroid back on the NES or whatever. My exposure on the other hand has been entirely on the Wii and for the most part serendipitous.

Part of the reason I wanted to get a Wii was because I like the Resident Evil series and they have released some of the titles for Game Cube. Meaning I might be able to ditch our PS2 at some point for a single console. Wii is fully backwards compatible with the Game Cube. So to me that's two consoles in one. The Game Cube AND the Wii.

Now when we first got the Wii, we thought that you could play Game Cube games with the classic controller so we went looking for a cheap used game cube game to try. They were selling Metroid Prime (the first one) for like 6 bucks at GameStop. We did end up having to get a real GameCube controller but once we did I started playing it and got hooked.

The consolation to finishing up this Metroid is that I can move on to Umbrella Chronicles (the Resident Evil title for the Wii I also got for Christmas.)

But I'm tired... all that Space Pirate bashing... so I'm off to bed.