The Top 10 Cliches in SF Technobabble

Before closed down they posted this. Can you figure them all out?

10. Do these jodhpurs extirpate the concinnity of or unsycophantically distort the space-time continuum in the propinquity of my gluteus maximus?

9. When supplied with citrus products deemed inedible, it is wise to convert them to an aqueous compound with hydrogen dioxide and sucrose.

8. If a melanotic felus catus perambulates before you, self revolve a baker's dozen times.

7. Fluid particles in a metallic container adjacent to a thermal radiation source may have either their position or momentum accurately measured (not both), but the fluid itself will never achieve a gaseous state.

6. Some (planetary based time unit) my interplanetary transportation will dock.

5. The bird that regains consciousness at the earliest space-time coordinate achieves the same velocity and position as the invertebrate.

4. Congruent raptorial pennae compel locus juxtaposition.

3. An avian lifeform constrained within a flesh-based force field contains more utility than two of the same lifeform engaging in autonomous actions within the outer dimensions of an organic photosynthesis factory.

2. It's always a maximum state of diminished luminosity immediately prior to the planet's rotation exposing us to solar radiation.

and the Number 1 Cliche in SF Technobabble...

1. A trilogy of tries results in a magically-enhanced positive outcome.