Blow 'Em Up

Once again I'm a bit late because I was playing Metroid 3 so I thought I might briefly touch on why I play video games and what type of games I like.

I think, as with anyone that "games", the primary reason for playing a video game is the "escape from reality". In other words, focus on something that isn't real to mentally get away from things that are. some people read or paint or knit or whatever. I generally like things that I can generally lump into the category of problem solving. This includes many things, even programming but to me gaming is more problem solving. Solving the level, beating the maze, assembling the pieces etc.

This means for me that I don't really go in for the whole first person shooter blow em up games. The three series that I've been enjoying lately are the Metroid Prime trilogy, the Resident Evil Series and Super Paper Mario. The last one isn't really a series, (but I'm including it because we do have the old NES and SNES Super Mario games on our Wii). While all three of the series do involve "shooting" the bad guys (or jumping on them...) the primary focus for me is figuring out how to advance from one area to the next. How to open the door. How to fix the thingy that is blocking your advancement. And so on.

In the past I've also tried the Oddworld series but found I got "stuck" in some hole in the floor and couldn't rescue my friends and got kind of turned off. I might have to revisit that. On the flip side I've also really enjoyed some online puzzle games. Such as NotPron (a really cool brain game) and Desktop Tower Defense (a more strategic game).

Well maybe more on this later... but now... to bed.