I am Geek!

So I realized yet again, that I am a geek. We were doing housekeeping on our TeraStation and I realized that we're probably the only people we know that have our very own network attached storage (or NAS) with a terabyte of space on it.

And at that I think we're a lot less geeky than we used to be. We have our TeraStation, another smaller NAS that we keep "system" stuff like installers and such on. We have our Printer/Fax/Copier combo device. We also have a MacMini that is attached to the TV that we use for PodCast watching. Then we have our Windows Desktop (which is usually off). And Harry and I both have our Laptops. I also have my Zaurus (think PDA) and Harry has his AirPanel (think wireless screen that you can take with you). And yes... this is down. I mean we do still own more computers but that's all that's active right now.

On a completely different note, I may be staging a coup on Harry's blog. He originally started it with the intention of posting gluten free recipes on a regular basis. He hasn't. So I just might.