Duck and Cover

A while back I found a site Vintage Tooncast that had a lot of older Public Domain (I.E. Copyright Expired in most cases) videos and I've been slowly watching them in iTunes and I must say it's really nifty watching old Superman, Betty Boop, Popeye, or some other old cartoons.

That said, some of the other videos in the feed are things that are de facto public domain like videos made by the US Government. Some of those are a little more odd. The one I'm speaking of tonight is called Duck and Cover. This video teaches you how to Duck and Cover (surprise surprise). Basically the premise is:

  1. You see a flash of light from the atomic bomb that exploded near you.
  2. You drop to the floor / ground / whatever
  3. Roll into a ball and cover as much exposed skin as possible.

Now I'll say right up front that some of the advice makes sense like to try and avoid windows or hide in a doorway and so on. But come on... They said something like "And even a thin newspaper will prevent a burn" (IE a newspaper would shield you from the nuclear fall out)

If you ask me... it's downright creepy.