So overall I'd count our Super Bowl party as a success. There were a few mishaps but it all worked out. We had a few no-shows but still had four kids in the family room doing the Playstation thing and five adults doing the Super Bowl thing.

The kids and 'their' adults took off at half time (bed time) which left one couple and us which finished off the evening a little quieter. Altogether very nice.

As far as food goes our hiccups were as follows:

  1. The pulled pork took about twice as long as planned. We should have started it first thing in the morning. So I pulled it from the menu. That left chili, chicken and tacos as our primary main courses. That said, we're taking it in with other leftovers for lunch at work. So all is good.
  2. Some guests brought glutenated items. This is ONLY a hiccup because it put us a little on edge about cross contamination. I think we escaped CC and I must say the food was delicious...
  3. We have a lot of leftovers. This is always hard to plan for an informal party. We invited about twice as many people came. If everyone had come we might even have been a little short.
  4. I probably should have tried making the chili before making it tonight. It came out a tad spicier than I like.

Tomorrow I'll start posting some of the recipes to Harry's blog.