Grape Racing

So... I posted a question on Facebook for Mer about our college grape racing episode. Someone else asked what it was and I thought I should explain. Besides it's an excuse to post to my sorely under utilized blog.


People these days...

So I had an odd experience today... I thought it would make a nice short blog post to try and get back into some blogging.


It happened one Saturday...

I'm sure every adult has experienced it... I'm sure I can't be the only one...

But still... It's more than a little creepy.


I'm not dead yet! I don't want to go in the cart!

I kinda suspected this would happen. I would "break" the chain of posting every day, and then much like a top I'd wobble a bit and get more and more erratic until I just stopped.

On the other hand, is more of less better or is less of more better?


Trip Recap

So I tried micro-posting on my trip back from DC and it worked reasonably well. What I've been doing is using my Cell Phone to email the posts to my blog. There is a bit of a challenge that you get 160 characters for both the subject and the body. So it does encourage a certain brevity. The only problem I have is that at the bottom of every post is a little tag from AT&T. Which annoys me because then I need to go back and edit them out.


More Delays

My plane, which should be leaving in 2-3 minutes isn't even boarding yet.

Gettin there is fun?

Made it to the B30 via Metro. Should be JUST in time. Maybe. We just ALMOST hit the R15 going out of the station. sigh


The train to BWI broke down.

Touch and Go

Got stuck in the snow on our hill. I ended up switching cars but 5 hours later I'm almost to Rockville.

Try Two

Tomorrow I'm trying to get to DC again. I don't want to stay up too late so I'm off to bed now.